Seasonal Plants and Garden Supplies

Plants & Garden Supplies

Lakeside Garden Centre stock a huge variety of seasonal indoor and outdoor plants and rare species plants. Ranging from natives, fruit trees, ferns, lillypillies, climbers to exotic plants and indoor / shade plants. See below for more information

We also stock a variety of different garden supplies including Pots, Pumps, garden ornaments and raw materials

Pumps and Solar Pumps

Pumps solar and 240v – 2 year warranty with proof of purchase
Pumps and panels now also sold seperatly. 12-24 volt

Garden Pots

A huge range of garden pots and saucers are available at our nursery and have new stock arriving all the time. We stock a variety of different styles and types to suit everyone!

Raw Materials & Garden Essentials

Lakeside Garden Centre supply a range of garden essentials including Fertilisers, soil conditioners, Potting mix and composts, gardening tools and more!

We stock a full range of Searles products, visit their website herefor more product information.

Coco Peat 60/40 blocks available.  $17.50 each or $15 for 5 or more. Suitable for most plants. Root growth is amazing.

Also very popular is the Rocky Point products.

  • Premium Potting mix 30 litre
  • Active Grow 30 litre planting & soil conditioner.
  • Sugarcane Mulch
  • Red Cyprus Mulch
  • Coarse Sand

Garden Ornaments

Lakeside Garden Centre have a huge range of ornaments and are always getting in new stock! Style to suit every type of garden